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That Airen Grape

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Almost exclusively cultivated in Spain, where it represents nearly 30% of all the grapes grown, Airen plantations are particularly bountiful in the region of Castilla de la Mancha.

Although the Airen grape was historically bountiful perhaps, at some point even being the most planted wine grape in the world, it is being uprooted and replaced by plantations of the ever popular Tempranillo variety.

Airen maintains a reputation for being a vigorous grape which never reaches higher than a foot off the ground. Airen has very neutral aromas and flavors, there is usually a presence of green apples with hints of citrus and nuts.

The primary flavors that can be found in Airen-style wines in addition to the ones mentioned above are pineapple, grapefruit, banana and rose. Airen wines possess light-medium body with a dry structure and low acidity. This variety is best consumed as fresh as possible.

Due to recent advancements in the vinification process the best qualities and full potential of the Airen grape is within grasp. This is due primarily because of 2 new implementations:

1) New wine-making techniques using stainless steel barrels

2) New cold-soak fermentation process for the grapes unlocks all flavor and freshness

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