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Wine Preferences (Based on Demographics)

In the last decade there has been substantial investments into getting consumer data regarding wine preferences. These results (mostly those long tedious surveys that nobody likes) are then analyzed through well-formulated computer algorithms to reach some conclusions. The results are not that surprising!

Young adults have shown an inclination to lighter and sweeter wines. Interestingly enough, young adults slowly start to shift towards bolder, more complex wines later in life. While older adults tend to lean towards dryer, more invigorating wines (heavier body).

When purchasing a wine there are numerous considerations that consumers consider such as:

-Brand name

-Origin of wine


-Food Pairing

-Varietal (Grapes)

-Type of wine (Red, White, Rose, Sparkling)

-Alcohol Level

-Label Appearance

The top three most important factors for the wines are price as #1 with 58.3% of the vote, the varietal-type of wine at 40.9% is #2 and the brand name slides in at #3 with 37.4% of the vote.

Another interesting fact is the average amount of wine bottles a consumer bought per month. This number hovered between 1-3 bottles for the average consumer. Suprisingly as the number of bottles purchased per month increases the number of respondents purchasing them decreased!

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“The best wine isn’t necessarily the most expensive, rather it is the one that is shared.”